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4 - Importing data from Excel

  • Step 1
  • Enter some data in the Dim. grid of the Packages tab.

    To speed up the operations, open the document created in Tutorial 1 with the FileOpen menu command (shortcut key Ctrl+O) or the Open tool. After opening, delete the solution with the SolutionDelete Solution menu command.

  • Export to Excel file with the FileExport (Excel) menu command.
  • Open the exported file with your preferred spreadsheet. Edit the file by referencing the headers and data that are present. Enter at least quantities and dimensions. Save your changes.
  • Delete the changes made with the FileNew menu command (shortcut key Ctrl+N) or with the New tool.
  • Import data with the FileImport (Excel)Import Master Data (shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+M).

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