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Editions, download and purchase of the program

Learn about the program editions, the licensing scheme and the support offered, how to download the application, how to buy.


To meet the multiple needs required by load planning, packVol is available in three editions, which differ in the features offered and in the cost of purchase.

The Versions section describes the main features of each edition and the most appropriate scope of use.

In this section you can also find the analytical comparison table of available features.


packVol is freely downloadable and installable. The program can be evaluated without any limitation, for a trial period variable according to the edition.

In the Download section you will find links to download the program and information about the requirements and how to install.

Available downloads are suitable for updating registered copies of the application.

  How to buy

For information about purchasing packVol please contact us.

The How to buy section contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to buy, availability of updates, and licensing terms. There is also a contact form (Web Form) in case you do not want to communicate by e-mail.

  Legacy 2.x

The Legacy section is intended for Customers with a regular license for a previous series of the program (1.x.x or 2.x.x) that do not intend to upgrade the program to the current series (3.x.x.).

By following the instructions in this section you can download the obsolete versions of packVol program, no longer available for public download.


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