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Main features of the program

packVol is a program with a modern and easy-to-use graphical user interface. All functions for data management, execution of the optimization, configuration of the program, are integrated and always easily accessible. 3D graphics employs advanced rendering technologies for a fluid and effective user experience.

The program is written in C++. The size of the executable is small, with great advantages in terms of speed, stability and responsiveness of the application.

Automatic - The automatic mode allows you to quickly respond to the problems posed by how to optimize the load plan. The solutions proposed by the automatic solver are characterized by high efficiency, even in the presence of very complex loading rules.

Manual - In manual mode you can “build” or modify the load plan with ease, thanks to a 3D graphical environment having the common editing capabilities of a graphics program: select, copy, paste, cut, undo, redo, zoom, drag, etc..

The two modes, automatic and manual, are well integrated, making the program flexible.
Import / Export - To meet the different needs of Users, the program provides multiple functions for importing and exporting data. You can use the simple “copy & paste”, exporting and importing Excel files in native format, or enable data exchange from any external system supporting the ODBC protocol.

Internal Database - The program has an internal database that allows you to store information on packages and containers, and to use the available data to prepare the load list.

The use of the internal database is optional and is not required to run the application.
Creating documents - The Load Plan report is the document that describes the positioning sequence of the packages. It is in PDF format for maximum print quality and to facilitate sharing. The application offers different types of graphic layouts, ranging from step-by-step sequence to the view by levels. You can also export documents to Excel files and as a web page.

Analysis tools - The analysis tools allow you to check the loading sequence of packages, their distribution among the containers, the unused volumes, the distribution of the load.
Loading rules - The program implements numerous loading rules to force the positioning of packages as needed and desired. The application provides appropriate visual tools to easily and intuitively enforce the rules to apply to each package of the load list. Rules for handling container loading and “logical” rules such as priority, destination, grouping, are always manageable within the visual interface.

For experienced Users the program provides many shortcut options to speed up management operations.

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