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packVol.com di Angelucci Antimo, PhD, is an independent software vendor with its place of business at

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Portogruaro (VE), Italia

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P.IVA IT03756330274

Our goal is to provide innovative software for practical, real-world optimization problems, using know-how and techniques acquired in years of academic research.

The optimization of the spaces is a really difficult problem and for this fascinating. The only sure thing is that no one knows a systematic procedure to solve it. The problem is therefore dealt with “ad hoc” methods, applying appropriate calculation techniques and specific knowledge of practical problems.

packVol program over the years, with a patient work of improvement and a constant search for new methods of calculation, has evolved becoming one of the most powerful tools for load plans optimization

packVol software is registrered at the Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (SIAE), Registro Pubblico Speciale per i Programmi per Elaboratore, progressive number 007243, order D006459, acknowledgment of June 23, 2009.

packVol Customers


YORKA SOFTWARE Ltd., Turkey, Greater Middle East, Central Asia.

Tanay Technocrats, India.

We are looking for distributors and sales representatives worldwide!


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P.IVA IT03756330274

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