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packVol is used by hundreds of Companies around the world.
We are grateful to all Customers who kindly granted permission to report their company's name.
Interdas S.p.A.
Copex Freight Forwarding nv
En Pointe Geografica Inc.
Go-Pak Vietnam Limited
ParCon Consulting GmbH
Kinematik S.r.l.
Raymar Enterprise Co. Ltd
FAIM S.r.l.
Ongan Tekstil A.S.
Handtech S.r.l.
MINItransport S.r.l.
Mabe Venezuela C.A.
Pgi S.r.l.
Tecnologie Piva S.r.l.
Dakri Paper & Products Ltd
Gram Equipment A/S
Innscor Appliance Manufactures
The Christian Church Community Trust
Interdata S.r.l.
SI Interline Ltd.
Ceylon 2U Foods Pvt Ltd
Nanopore Insulation Limited
Gemilang Logistics DP Sdn Bhd
Italsea S.r.l.
Logistics Consultants International Pty Ltd
ABM bvba
Multimedia Consulting Investments Europa

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