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3 - Employing the Loading Rules

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  • Open the file created in Tutorial 1 with the FileOpen menu command (shortcut key Ctrl+O) or the Open tool.
  • Open the constraint panel by using the ToolsOpen Constraint Panel or with the Constraints tool.
  • Select a grid row by clicking on it. The selected line is colored in blue.
  • Change the allowed positions by clicking on the Allow check boxes. Not-allowed positions are shown with wireframes.
  • Edit other rows as you like by clicking the mouse on the grid.
  • Repeat the optimization as seen in Tutorial 1 and see how the change affects the solution.
  • The six positions are numbered 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. Position 1 is the one where the length, width, and height sides of the package are aligned to the length, width, and height of the container.
  • The constraint is encoded with a number given by the sum of the allowed positions and is shown in the ps column of the grid. Cells are editable as a shortcut option.
  • If a face is square, one of the two equivalent positions is disabled and shown in transparency. A cube therefore has only one enabled position.
  • The rules “floor only” fl, “top-only” ns and “not at floor” nf are encoded the same way.
  • The context menu (right-click on the grid to open) allows you to enforce common rules for selected rows.

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