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Download the evaluation copy or update the application

The program is available in three editions. If you are considering the program for the first time, it is recommended to test the STANDARD version, complete and suitable for a general use.

Your download will start automatically. If it does not, try this direct link.

  • The application in trial mode is fully functional without any limitation.
  • The downloaded setup can be used for both the first installation and the update from earlier version of a registered installation.
  • If you have installed an old version of the 1.x.x or 2.x.x series the evaluation period is reset - you can evaluate the program again.
  • The three version come with distinct software protection key - you can then evaluate the different editions at different times.
  • If you think that the free trial period is too short to fully test the program, please contact us to request an extension of the trial period.
  • If you then decide to buy the license you can continue to work without interruption and without losing any data.
packVol Customers
Where packVol is used
Requirements and Installation
  packVol requires no particular hardware and has been tested on Windows™ Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 and equivalent Windows Server™ systems.
Version 3.8.4 is last supporting Windows XP SP3.
  The program can be operated on other Operating Systems in virtualized environment. It is currently used on VMWare™, Oracle VirtualBox™, Parallel Desktop™ host platforms.
  To work in visual mode a graphics card with 3D hardware acceleration is recommended. Screen resolutions lower than 1024x768 are not supported.
  The setup installation file will install the application and configure your system.
  The program can be easily uninstalled by invoking the Windows Control Panel, by double-clicking on Add/Remove Programs, and then by choosing the packVol item.

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