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Optimization Software for Load Planning

packVol is an Optimization Software for Load Planning, designed to plan the best space utilization inside containers and trucks. It is an innovative software for MS Windows™, with unique features not found in other container loading software, which allows you to efficiently manage complex load planning problems.

Fast and effective, thanks to its advanced optimizer, truly three-dimensional.

Stable and reliable, it is used by hundreds of Customers worldwide.

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July 15, 2017
New version 3.6.0 available.

October 20, 2017
DYNLOAD R14 update.

Release notes

packVol helps to reduce waste of space and therefore shipping costs. It is an innovative and flexible software that adapts easily to the most diverse load planning needs: pallets, racks, trucks, containers, railroad cars.

Appreciated and used throughout the world, packVol is an effective tool suited to Companies of any size.

Main features, Loading rules and Screenshots sections contain a concise overview of the application features and load rules that you can manage.

You can evaluate packVol for free. See Download for more information. The Tutorials will help you familiarize with the working environment and discover the ease of use of the program.


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